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The South African Market and You

Consumer vs business marketing has become a key focus point for us marketers in terms of us helping selling our clients products to the South African Market. 

Gone are the days of us putting an ad in the paper, today we work for our "paper" we need to understand the emotive buying patterns of consumers and the clinical nature of business in their patterns. 

Where does it leave us? Right at the forefront I believe, we know the market, their tendencies and how we can put these plans into place. As responsible marketers, Nokukhanya now provides free market strategies to all their clients and billing only takes place at inception of the strategy.

We deliver to the South African Market tailored made for you.

18 Aug 2010

Is it important to do marketing and communications during a recession?

Nokukhanya recently ran a workshop with young entrepreneurs who raised this question which raised very interesting debate and we hope that this may assist with the answer.

While marketing and advertising is very beneficial to the growth of a business it comes at quite a high cost, and usually is a cost that most business cant afford, and this really served as the crux of the debate. Nokukhanya obviously took a pro marketing approach whilst the financial colleagues tried to quantify and denounce the spend. While we tried our best we had to concede that the answer really lied in between. The reality of the South African market is that it relies heavy on large corporates to deliver product and no matter how hard you try our recessionary times may not effectively grow your business.

In true entrepreneurial fashion, Nokukhanya has decided to launch a cheaper marketing and communication package offered to the market which primarily is the setup and creation of free media over the internet using social networking and business listings, this effectively means you grow brand awareness and in order to maintain your business. Contact us for a qoute.

1 August 2010

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